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Standing Up To Unfair Treatment

$2.4 Million Recovered

Construction Worker / Spinal Injury

Construction worker injured when his ladder collapsed during construction work. Client suffered spinal injuries.

$6.2 Million Recovered

Defective Highway / Brain Injury

Motor vehicle crash caused by faulty roadway construction. Installed metal reflector (raised pavement marker) in road pavement dislodged onto surface due to improper installation and inspections. A passing vehicle’s tire jettisoned the reflector backwards and through the client’s windshield. Client suffered traumatic head and brain injuries.

$900,000 Recovered

Motor vehicle collision

Motor vehicle collision. Client suffered fractured femur requiring surgeries and loss of earnings.

$5000,000 Recovered

Fall Down Stairway

Fall down stairway due to handrail breaking as a result of defective maintenance. Client suffered fractured ankle requiring surgery.

$425,000 Recovered

Negligent Construction

Negligent construction and trespassing from construction of high-rise building on adjacent property. Client suffered physical injury to foot, emotional distress and property damage.

$100,000 Recovered

Car Hits Bicyclist / Fractured Pelvic Bone (Hip)

Bicyclist struck by motor vehicle. Bicyclist suffered fractured pelvic bone (no surgery). Recovered maximum insurance benefits available.

Not guilty verdict

Murder in the 2nd Degree

People v JM.

Not Guilty Verdict

Rape in the 1st Degree

People v JM.


Robbery & Assault 1st Degree – Dismissed

Client arrested and charged with robbery and assault on residential street in Brooklyn. This law firm conducted separate investigation that revealed evidence proving eyewitness wrongly identified client as one of the perpetrators. Court and prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.

People v. T.A.


Robbery in the 1st Degree

Client accused of gunpoint robbery of car. This law firm conducted separate investigation that secured electronic evidence proving client somewhere else at time of crime. Court and prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.

People v. J.O.

$500,000 RECOVERED

Defective Stairs / Fractured Ankle

Landlord failed to repair dangerous condition on stairway. The client, who was a tenant in building, fell because of a broken step and handrail. She suffered a fractured ankle.

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