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Is it best to hire a lawyer now?

Yes. There are two good reasons to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. First, evidence disappears including videos and 911 recordings being erased, witnesses forget or move away, and dangerous conditions are fixed before being photographed. Second, there are important deadlines where certain written documents must be filed or you may lose your right to sue or lose your right to certain benefits.

What is my case worth?

The specific value of a case cannot be determined until, at least, two key issues are adequately resolved: first, the investigation determines the quality and quantity of the evidence for proving what occurred; and, second, the doctors must have time to diagnose all present injuries and determine what, if any, problems will be permanent.

How do I pay you?

There are different fee arrangements for different types of cases. In personal injury and civil rights cases, the usual arrangement is a contingency fee. This means the lawyer only gets paid if he obtains a successful result for a client. In criminal defense cases, there is no usual arrangement. It depends on many factors including the type and number of criminal charges, the complexity of the government’s investigation and the anticipated length of trial ( Some trials may last 3 days and others 6 months or more).

How long will my case take?

Some cases are resolved in weeks, others take years. It depends on factors such as the amount and quality of evidence (example: is there a video of the incident?); extent of injuries; number of parties in the case; whether parties appeal; and deadlines set by the court. It is my goal to move cases along as quickly as possible without compromising our ability to get you the right result.

What can I (the client) do to help?

First, hire the lawyer as soon as possible. This allows us to begin conducting an investigation, preserve evidence and protect your rights. Second, be candid with your lawyer about the facts. Without accurate information, it is difficult for a lawyer to adequately prepare your case and provide you with a reliable analysis of the issues.

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If you are looking for a personal injury, civil rights or criminal defense lawyer and have questions about the legal process, the Sheindlin Law Firm, in New York is here for you. You can reach me online or by telephone at 212-625-8030 to arrange your free initial consultation.

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