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Slipped And Fell In An Accident You Did Not Cause?

Your Injuries Are More Than Tough Luck

It can be easy to blame yourself for slipping and falling, but many accidents are caused by another party’s negligence. Sheindlin Law Firm is experienced with slip-and-fall injuries and can help you pursue the compensation you’re entitled to.

Personalized Guidance

Your accident is unique. I will help you file an effective claim that accurately depicts your loss.

Knowledgeable Lawyer

You can lean on my strong understanding of New York’s personal injury laws. I have 25+ years of litigation experience.

Proven Track Record

Put your case in the hands of a proven personal injury attorney. I know how to get the full value of your claim.

Trust a Knowledgeable Slip And Fall Attorney

You Have The Right To Seek Help

As common as it may be to slip and fall in public, it is important to determine whether your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. When another party’s mistakes led to you suffering avoidable injuries, you deserve to be compensated.

Some common causes that lead to falls include:

  • Slipping on a puddle in a store that hasn’t been mopped
  • Slipping on ice that was not properly removed
  • Slipping on unsecured rugs in public places

While it is impossible to reverse your accident, you deserve to be compensated for any injuries, medical treatment and lost wages you are now suffering. Let me fight for your recovery.

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